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Corporate Philosophy
Our company - the VELOMAT Messelektronik GmbH - stands for sensors, industry electronics measure and control technology, indication and control units. We develop efficient software for you for Microcontrollers, PIC and PC.

VELOMAT offers you:

long-standing practical experience in the development and production of electronic assemblies, controls and pieces of equipment.

Our products serve the safety of man and technology. We do everything, that we deliver efficient and modern products, services and and primarily lasting solutions according to your expectations.

Our principles:
  • Customer satisfaction by first-class products:
    The customer is in the centre of all our activities. We orientate each other uncompromisingly at his aims and requirements.
  • Reliability, continuity and an optimal added value are the bases of our corporate management:
    We organize each other so that we can render our services efficiently, cost-conscious, qualitatively steady on high standard and with high self-responsibility of all employees.
  • Our employees are the most valuable for us:
    Power by support of individuality and diversity of the employees. Our competent employees form the base for successful projects and solutions with their experiences and abilities. The identification of the employees with the enterprise is particularly important for us. Only if one is motivated, one works with full strength!
  • permanent improvement in our products, unsurpassed reliability on the technically highest standard and a transparent quality safeguarding system set the standards for the perfection of our production processes.
  • for the lasting guarantee of the fulfilment of our quality aims VELOMAT has introduced a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and the ATEX certification
  • Be aimed furthermore are the increase of the quality and competence, we then only will manage to realize also from now on technological progress in entrepreneurial success this way.

  • our slogan:
      Quality isn't measured but produces!
      We love it, if our customers come back and not our products!

Our name is programme:

V itally important: reliability and confidence

E ngagement and efficiency

L arge motivation

O ptimum for our customers

M ost important potential: our employees - common for quality and perfection

A bsolute user-specific products

T eamwork & top-quality

Our "philosophy" can be proved only with deeds and not with words. We work on it every day. Please, convince yourselves.
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