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VELOMAT Sensorik und Messelektronik erfasst Krafteinwirkungen in der ersten Windkraftanlage mit Holzturm von TimberTower

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VELOMAT Messelektronik GmbH has got the IECEx appreciation of the quality assurance production by the Physical-Technological Federal Institute since June 2012.
(Reference Number: DE/PTB/QAR12.0008/00)

Download of the documents of PTB:
1. ATEX Licence
2. IECEx QAR / Reference Number: DE/PTB/QAR12.0008/00
(each valid until 31 October 2013)
New - New - New !

Our service offer now also comprises
Cable Assembly
We are looking forward to your enquiry.

We have extended our quality management system on the

DIN EN ISO 13485:2010 for medicine products

and we were certificated in 2011 successfully.

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