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Business Activities

Strain Gauge Force Transducer:
● custom-designed development
● prototyping
● individual item and series production
● special designs
● job order production of strain gauge applications
● adjustment and calibration of force transducers according to order
● force transducers for the application in rough and explosion-threatened environments (ATEX)
Electronic Hardware Development:
● printed circuit boards design
● assemblies
● complete devices with cabinet
● wire sets
● assemblies for explosion-threatened environments (ATEX)
● climate storage of electronics and sensors in environmental simulation chamber according to order
(e.g. for licensing procedure according to ATEX )

Software Development in Assembler,
C, C++, C# etc. for:

● microcontroller:
AVR, PIC, 8051 Intel derivates, @CHIP etc.
● standard and industry computer
● embedded systems
● PDA and handheld computer
● special automation components:
field bus according to CAN spezifications etc.

Assembly of printed Circuit Boards
and Module Manufacture:

● conventional assembly
● SMD assembly with automat
● modules and devices assembly
● prototyping
● job order production
● certificated production plant for ATEX assemblies

System Development:
● custom-designed force measuring systems
● measurement amplifier
● weighing systems / mini-control systems
● indicators and operating systems with LED / LCD / OLED / Touchpad
● data transmission via RS232, RS485, PNET, USB, CAN-Bus, LAN, Internet et al.
● radio transmission via 433/868 MHz, Bluetooth, GSM, WLAN, ZigBee et al.
● handheld measuring instruments with storage battery
● custom test-beds for force-orientated item tests (e. g. spring test-bed)
● products for ATEX and medical technology field

Cable Assembly:
● Cutting into lengths, dismantling, stripping of insulation, cable rewinding and binding
● Tinning, soldering, crimping
● Processing of insulation displacement technique, screwed connections
● Customer specific production
● Single-unit production, small and large series
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